Shorten Your Sales Process + Scale Your Landscaping Company In This Interactive Virtual Event

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Are you tired of spending hours and hours of your life driving around, meeting with potential clients who either don't have the budget to work with you, or just never get back to you after you send them an estimate?

It could be that your sales process is broken.

Most landscapers waste thousands of hours of their life… away from their family when they: 

  • Go out and meet with everyone who calls in… without qualifying them first 
  • Spend hours and hours and hours making “free” estimates… only to never hear back from the prospect
  • Hearing “your price is too high” LATE in the game, AFTER they’ve spend 5+ hours on the “sale”


Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s hope. 

You Can Learn To:

Qualify sales prospects on the phone BEFORE you meet with them

Politely say “no, this project may not be the best fit for us” WITHOUT being a jerk

Scale your sales process in a way that helps both you and your customer enjoy the experience better

Create FREEDOM! Yes! Get off the hamster wheel, spend more time with your family, and make more profit. It’s all possible.

When you attend our LIVE virtual event, The Landscaper's Guide To An Optimized Sales Process In 2021, you'll get to work directly with me, Jack Jostes, the author of Get FOUND Online, podcast host of The Landscaper’s Guide To Modern Sales and Marketing, and Ramblin Jackson CEO. We’ll work with you on creating a sales process that increases your close rate, and most importantly, increases your profit and frees up your time so you can spend more time with your family, leading your team, and less time in meetings with prospects who aren't qualified.


On Thursday, February 25th, we're going to do a live virtual event with leaders of successful landscape companies like yours. We're going to talk about some of the problems and challenges that we see with landscaping companies. One of them, I can tell you, is not having a process. 

Three Problems NOT Having A Sales Process Creates: 

  • You can't train anyone else to help answer the phone and funnel them to the right person in your company
  • It creates a lot of chaos and it creates a lot of waste!
  • It's just frustrating for the customer AND for you. 

We’ll Mail You A Print Copy Of The Landscaper’s Sales Process Workbook!

Based on over 11 years of experience working with over 1,000 companies, the Landscaper’s Sales Process Workbook is designed to help you create an organized sales process -- FAST. 

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Landscapers Love This Workbook Because:


  • #1 - this is meant for landscapers… not attorneys… not “small business owners”... it’s for Landscape Professionals (landscape design, landscape maintenance, lawn care, tree care, snow removal) -- so you’ll get industry-specific training that creates results faster.
  • Easy, fill-in-the-blank content. While every business is a little different, the workbook has questions that make it easy to customize your sales process based on your business needs. 
  • It asks all of the right questions. At the workshop, we'll meet and review this together so you'll literally walk away with an outline of your sales process and in a format that you can go back to your team, share it with them, and manage them to increase your close rates and meet with more of the qualified ‘Hell Yes’ customers. 

**PLUS, we're going to send you a bunch of other cool gifts in your gift box like a copy of my book, some beef jerky, and some surprises. Order a ticket ahead of time so we can ship it to you so you receive it by the 25th!

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What You’ll Learn During The Sales Process Workshop:

Step 1: Define Your Hell Yes Customer

You can’t be everything to everybody. By clarifying your Hell Yes Customer -- you’ll begin attracting the RIGHT customers who create a profit for your company, that you enjoy working with, and that you and your team will say “Hell Yes!” when you get a lead for this kind of project. 


Step 2: Craft Your Unique Selling Position (USP)

“Customers tell me I’m too expensive...” It could be that they don’t understand WHY you’re different and worth paying more. And that’s exactly what your USP will do: help you justify higher prices and increase your profit! We’ll help you figure out how to communicate why you’re different. 


Step 3: Outline Your Company Process Milestones

Once your Hell Yes Customer and USP are dialed in, we’ll outline the Milestones of your Sales Process. From the form they fill out on your website, to the first phone call, to initial site visit, to a signed contract in your hand -- and final walkthrough -- we’ll outline it all together so you can manage your team to this standard AND educate your clients on how to buy from you. We’ll show you where to put the Process on your website, proposals, and how to train your team with them. 


Lunch Break - with Optional Pizza Presentation 

~ Lunch Presentation ~ *Includes a Lou Malnati’s pizza shipped to you. 

If you’re curious about what it’s like to hire Ramblin Jackson to do all this for you, attend the optional Lunch Presentation. Yes, we will offer our services to you -- but only at this time. The rest of the day is all hands-on content. 

Website Reviews + Q&A

Ask me anything about sales and marketing! I’ll personally review the first 10 registrants websites LIVE. 

Okay, so what exactly will I get?

  • The Landscaper’s Sales Process Workbook
  • A Logitech Webcam to help you increase your video quality during video conferencing
  • A Welcome Gift Box Shipped To You In The Mail with the workbook, a copy of Jack’s book, some snacks, and surprise goodies
  • Access to the event! A ticket that includes access for your team members
  • Professional Video Recording Modular Access to a professional edited recording of the event
Logitech Webcam

PLUS... Attendees Will Have The Chance to Win Prizes!

1st Place Prize: Sales Consultation with Jack Jostes **Valued at $1,500!

2nd Place Prize: Video Production Workshop with our Landscape Marketing Strategist, Robert!

3rd Place Prize: A box of Sweetwood Beef Jerky


1. Is this an in person or virtual event?

This is a virtual event. It will be highly interactive through the print workbook and gifts sent to attendees.

2. Can members of my staff participate?

Yes, absolutely! Bring your sales, marketing, and work with them through the print workbook.

3. What kind of businesses should come to this workshop?

This is designed for green industry professionals including design/build, construction, lawn care, lawn maintenance, snow removal, tree care, etc. If you sell outdoor services, this is for you!

** Money Back Guarantee **

This event has a money back guarantee if you attend the event. If you attend the event, and half-way through, you're like, "Man, this guy is a total joker," I will gladly refund your ticket, but you've got to show up in order to get that. The refund is a quality guarantee, not a “I bought a ticket and changed my mind about going or got busy” guarantee. 


If you're ready to take control of your sales process and start winning the deals that you actually want, buy your ticket now, and I'll see you on the 25th.

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To Creating Profit and Results with Integrity,

Jack Jostes
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